sprinkler maintenance Denver

Getting a professional to perform at least those two services saves time, money, and water. An annual one-time cost is cheaper than one major repair, or the cost of a new system.

The Complexities of Sprinkler Installation

A sprinkler installation denver is not an easy job. It requires experience so pipes are buried without damaging the entire lawn. A full evaluation of the property is needed to determine the best layout and the best product to suit the size and features of the yard. A small yard with flowers growing around the house will not need the same sprinkler setup as a huge lawn with a vegetable garden, shrubs, and a water fountain.

Installation for the Long-term

A sprinkler system is an investment that can last for decades with the proper maintenance and expert Sprinkler repair Denver. Considering future needs, locations of tree roots, septic tanks, and plans for landscaping is essential for a long-lasting system that will continue to operate at maximum efficiency. The installers must take the time to listen to the goals of the property owner to ensure the system will meet present and future needs and desires.

Another way to install for the long haul is to offer different system options from top manufacturers. Hunter, Toro, Blazing, and Rain Bird are a few examples of top brands in the industry. These systems are designed to be durable, water and energy-efficient, quiet, and reliable. Experienced professionals can install any of these sprinkler systems in one day.

Maintenance and Routine Repair Services

Keeping sprinklers operating well, consistently, and with few major repairs is easy with regular maintenance and repair services. As the system ages, parts will get worn, valves will leak, and pipes will get clogged. Proactive assessments and repairs will minimize operational costs and prolong the life of the system.

Standard services can include assessments of the hoses and pipes to determine if clogs or leaks are apparent, replacement of malfunctioning components, and assessing valves for leakage. A small and slow leak in one valve can result in a spike of water usage.

Closing down the System

The process of winterizing the system, referred to as blowout, is crucial to protecting the investment. Sprinkler blowout Denver consists of completely draining pipes and hoses of water, shutting off the water connection to the system, and turning off each station. This should always be done by professionals. Failure to blowout the system causes problems in the spring.

Pipes and hoses can split from the impact of water freezing inside them. Valves can become loose from excessive pressure, and sprinkler heads can be damaged once the water is turned back on. This type of damage is expensive to fix, so avoid it by arranging to have blowout service every fall.